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Talk of the Day -- Acer stages comeback in West Europe

2012/07/27 23:08:58

Acer Inc., Taiwan's leading PC vendor, has reemerged as the top notebook brand in the West European market, according to the lateststatistics released by the research and analysis firm IDC.

IDC data show that Acer accounted for a 21.5 percent share of laptop sales in West Europe in the second quarter of this year.

ASUSTek Computer Inc. also emerged as one of the top three notebook brands in West Europe in Q2, the IDC report said.

In eastern Europe, the report said, Acer and ASUSTek shared the top spot in terms of their Q2 sales in the region.

The following are local media coverage of latest developments in the local high-tech sector:

China Times:

Data released by market research firm Gartner in mid-July said Acer has reclaimed the third spot in the global PC brand rankings, but a statistical report issued by IDC on Thursday still listed Acer as the world's fourth largest PC brand, putting Acer behind Dell.

IDC said the divergence mainly resulted from different statistical methods used by the two companies.

Latest IDC data show that Acer sold about 8.972 million desktops and laptops in the April-June quarter, down 7.5 percent from the previous quarter.

Nevertheless, Acer posted an impressive 14 percent quarterly growth in its western Europe sales, according to the IDC report.

Acer outperformed four other major PC brands -- HP, Dell, Lenovo and ASUSTek -- in sales in the West European market in Q2, the IDC report said.

During the quarter, Acer sold 1.859 laptops in West Europe, reemerging as the top NB brand in the region by beating HP which sold 1.687 units.

Acer's laptop sales in West Europe posted a quarterly growth of 17.5 percent during the April-June period, IDC said.

Meanwhile, ASUSTek's PC market share in West Europe surged to 15 percent in Q2, a new quarterly high.

The two Taiwanese PC giants are competing fiercely in central and eastern europe, according to the IDC report. (July 27, 2012).

United Daily News:

ASUSTek Chairman Johnny Shih said Thursday at a forum on branding that Wintel (Microsoft's Windows and Intel) has played a critical role in the development of Taiwan's PC industry, which has made local PC makers tend to focus on hardware upgrading.

Such a growth model has gradually lost momentum amid changing market trends, Shih said.

"From now on, more efforts should be made on creating new products based on consumers' demand," Shih said, adding that U.S.-based consumer electronics Apple Inc. can serve as a good model or benchmark for local PC makers to follow in establishing their own brand recognition.

"Apple is not an enemy but rather a respectable opponent," Shih stressed.

According to Shih, the Wintel camp tends to create products designed primarily by engineers, while Apple had created brand new products such as iPad and iPhone that cater to the need of consumers.

In the past, Shih said, the PC industry developed basically on the concept of linearity, namely resolving a problem at a time.

"Such a concept can no longer meet the demand of consumers. In the future, ASUSTek will keep close tabs on consumers' tastes and will try hard to satisfy their demands," Shih added. (July 27, 2012).

(By Sofia Wu)