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Talk of the Day -- Asustek vows to surpass Apple with innovation

2012/06/13 23:10:34

Asustek Computer Inc. will outshine its American rival Apple Inc. with innovation and commitment to quality, the Taiwanese company's chairman Jonny Shih declared at a shareholders' meeting earlier this week.

Shih said on the occasion that ethnic Chinese, including Taiwanese, have great potential for technological innovation.

Citing the many coveted international awards granted to products developed by ethnic Chinese engineers or designers, Shih said he is confident Asustek will be able to continue introducing innovative high-tech gadgets in the global market.

The following are excerpts from the local media coverage of Asustek's ambition and strategy to overtake Apple in the highly competitive high-tech world:

Commercial Times:

At a time when the personal computer (PC) industry is fast transforming, service is as important as product innovation in retaining old users and attracting new consumers.

Shih said at the company's shareholders' meeting on Tuesday that Asustek has managed to foster a large following since it entered the market with massive production of motherboards.

"With cloud computing emerging as the new mainstream for growth, we have developed a comprehensive platform for cloud computing services to enhance brand loyalty and cohesion among our clients," Shih said.

Apple has unveiled the Mountain Lion software for its MacBook PC series at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference being held in San Francisco. Mountain Lion includes some apps and features that move it closer to iOS -- the software running on Apple's mobile devices iPhones and iPads.

Market analysts said the Mountain Lion and the new iOS 6 will help knit together all Apple products and thus help Apple expand sales of its MacBook PCs, which now account for a relatively small share of the global PC market.

Asked about his view on Apple's new software, Shih said Asustek has built its own cloud computing platform known as ASUS Open Cloud Computing (AOCC) to offer its clients personalized computing services.

Noting that the PC industry has developed from personal computing to personalized computing, Shih said AOCC will offer online service for storing and synchronizing data among mobile devices, PC and NAS (network-attached storage or a file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous clients.)

As Apple's newly unveiled operating systems or software are thought not very impressive, Shih was asked whether Asustek could narrow its technological gap with Apple soon.

In response, Shih said he is confident that Asustek will eventually outpace Apple with its strong ability to innovate. (June 13, 2012).

United Daily News:

Shih said at the company's shareholders' meeting that three key strategies can help a corporation to overcome challenges posed by the lingering eurozone debt crisis -- innovation, inventory control and supply chain deployment.

"Innovation is most important for a company to survive global economic or financial hardships," Shih said, adding that inventory management and supply chain planning are equally important to maintain normal corporate operation and stay competitive during challenging time. (June 13, 2012).

(By Sofia Wu)