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Jeremy Lin better, more confident: shooting coach

2012/08/27 18:01:37

Taipei, Aug. 27 (CNA) Jeremy Lin's shooting coach said Monday that he is confident the first NBA player of Taiwanese descent will continue to make his mark on the league.

"Based on our workout this summer, he's a much better shooter than he was last year this time," Doc Scheppler said on the sidelines of a basketball summer camp in Taipei at which Lin was appearing.

The NBA sensation is currently in Taipei for a nine-day stay, during which he will take part in the basketball training camp for young players and attend evangelical gatherings.

Lin, whose meteoric rise early this year with the New York Knicks attracted widespread attention, signed a three-year, US$25.1 million contract with the Houston Rockets last month after the Knicks decided they did not want to match the offer.

Scheppler said Lin's shooting percentage now ranges between 78 and 82 percent.

"His 'bad shooting day' (score) now is better than his 'bad shooting day' scores from last year," he said, rebutting criticism that Lin's shooting is inconsistent. "That's not what I see, and I see him every day," he said.

However, he suggested that Lin should not let perfection get in the way of being really good, saying that he needs to build a shooter's mindset, where he can have the confidence, the swagger and the belief in himself.

"He's still in that, what I call, embryonic stage of shooting mentality," the coach said of "the old Jeremy," adding that now Lin does not worry about it anymore, as a good shooter does not let one miss lead to another.

Scheppler said that what impressed him most is that Lin is very competitive and not fearful of the big stage he is on. "His core presence, inner confidence. He embraces the big stage," the coach said.

"Jeremy can shoot off a dribble; he can shoot in triple threat; he can shoot in catch and shoot; he can shoot on the move, right to left, left to right, not just a standing shooter," Scheppler said.

"It's a lot of fun working with him," he added.

(By James Lee)