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Man given 7.5-year sentence for attempted murder

2018/02/14 20:13:49


Taipei, Feb. 14 (CNA) An unemployed 27-year-old man surnamed Chiang (江) was sentenced to seven years and six months for attempted murder of a high school classmate, whom he attacked with a machete after reportedly being urged to look for a job, according to Miaoli County Police Bureau Wednesday.

Miaoli County Police Bureau's Nanmiao police station chief Chiu Ching-chen (邱靖宸) said the incident occurred Nov. 25, 2017.

On that day, Chiang rode on his motorcycle to a mobile phone shop operated by Ku (古). Seeing him sitting outside, said Chiu, Chiang took out a machete from the storage compartment of his motorbike and launched a vicious and unprovoked attack, aiming the blade at Ku's head.

Ku's head received a deep cut but the handle on the knife broke and the two men started brawling in the street, Chiang said.

Ku's wife became involved in the fracas when she saw her husband's head covered in blood and helped hold Chiang down until the police arrived, Chiang said.

According to the police investigation, Chiang and Ku were high school classmates, but Chiang had been unemployed since graduation and borrowed money on multiple occasions.

The court verdict observed that according to Ku's testimony Chiang frequently failed to return the money he borrowed and as it was not a lot Ku never really intended to ask Chiang to repay the loans.

After more than a year, Ku urged Chiang to look for a job so he might make an effort to repay some of the money, but all Chiang said was "Don't bother me," according to Ku's testimony.

During the attack, Ku suffered a skull fracture and only survived after receiving timely emergency treatment.

Since his arrest Chiang has declined to speak at several court hearings.

The Taiwan Miaoli District Court has concluded that as Chiang planned the attack, brought a weapon and struck Ku on the head, his intent was to kill.

Given that Chiang was sentenced in 2016 for offenses against public safety and has committed attempted murder within five years of that sentence, the judge sentenced him to seven years and six months imprisonment, though the case can still be appealed.

(By Kuan Jui-ping and William Yen)