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Taiwan singer impresses Grammy-winning producer-songwriter

2010/08/11 21:24:11

Los Angeles, Aug. 10 (CNA) Taiwanese singing sensation LinYu-chun met Grammy Award-winning record producer-songwriter WalterAfanasieff Tuesday and gave the first public performance of a songthe latter wrote for him.

Afanasieff praised Lin -- who arrived in Los Angeles Monday tomake an appearance on the popular NBC talent scout show "America'sGot Talent" -- for his vocal skills and music talent after listeningto him sing "Under Your Wings."

Afansieff, who was born to Russian parents, said language isnever a hindrance to music. He also said that with all of hismaternal relatives born in China, he has special feelings for singersof Chinese descent.

Afanasieff, who has worked with some of the biggest pop musicnames in the past decades, most notably Mariah Carey, said he foundLin had successfully learned his vocal skills from the mostoutstanding pop singers of the older generation, a feat thatdistinguishes him from many younger singers who have to rely oncomputerized acoustic technologies when recording.

Describing Lin's version of "Under Your Wings" as beautiful,Afanasieff said Lin has a youthful and resounding voice that allowshim to sing enchantingly and passionately.

He advised Lin to be more self-confident, saying he is moregifted than many of his peers. According to Afanasieff, Lin shouldmore confidently convey to his fans "this is me" through hiscaptivating singing.

Lin, who vaulted to fame in April with his rendition of theWhitney Houston version of "I Will Always Love You" on a Taiwanesetalent show, said his excitement at having the opportunity tocollaborate with Afanasieff is beyond description.

"I loved the song immediately after hearing it," Lin said. "It isfull of feeling. It didn't take me long to get into the song and therecording has gone smoothly so far."

Lin signed a record deal with Sony Music in mid-May and his firstalbum is scheduled to be released this fall.

This is his third visit to Los Angeles in less than half a year.

He first visited the city in April to appear on two talk-varietyshows, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Lopez Tonight. His renditions ofseveral popular songs during the appearances captivated Americanaudiences.

He was back in the city in May to perform at Dodger Stadium in a"This Is My Town" promotion run by the Los Angeles Dodgers to honorTaiwanese fans.

"Although this is my third visit, I'm still very excited and feelkind of nervous, " the 24-year-old said.

Lin said he will spend most of his time in his hotel practisingthe songs he plans to sing on the NBC show.

Lin said his sudden fame would make him work even harder, notonly so that more Taiwanese get to know him, but also to help moreforeigners get to know Taiwan.

Lin, nicknamed "Chubby" for his weight, vaulted to fame after avideo showing him singing "I Will Always Love You" was posted onYouTube on April 6. The clip, from his performance on a Taiwanesetalent show called "Million Star, " immediately went viral andquickly brought him heavy media coverage in Taiwan.

(By Leaf Jiang and Sofia Wu)