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United Daily News: Wrong goals, wrong means

2018/01/23 16:28:00

Beijing's unilateral launch of the M503 northbound route has prompted Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration to try to force China back to the negotiating table by withholding approval for two Chinese airlines to operate extra cross-Taiwan Strait flights during the Lunar New Year period.

Public condemnation arose when the Taiwanese authorities treated demands from Taiwanese business people operating in China or those working there to be able to fly home for the holiday as a bargaining chip. Critics described such people as "hostages" in the flight route dispute.

The government has adopted an inappropriate means of resolving disputes, and the result could be greater public outcry.

Similar problems have emerged one after another. For example, raising the basic wage to NT$30,000 (US$1,026) per month should not be the primary goal in the country's economic development, but no sooner had President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) called the figure of NT$30,000 her "dream" than the Cabinet followed suit and acted to push for it.

We believe that the government's primary task should be to pump up the economy to allow the enterprise sector to be capable of offering employees better wages. Instead, it has made an issue of the basic wage.

Moreover, developing a "nuclear-free homeland" should be a positive idea. However, the Tsai government has set the wrong timetable for it, forcing the state-run Taiwan Power Co. to continue to increase its coal-fueled electricity output. Consequently, air pollution has become worse.

Also, the government has put out high-cost bait to lure investment in the development of wind power and solar energy. This could see the government incurring debts so high that it will no longer be able to shoulder them in the future. Editorial abstract, Jan. 23, 2018

(By Elizabeth Hsu)