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United Evening News: No 'fixing' of nuclear plant referendum

2013/03/04 21:39:42

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has finally decided not to propose an alternate question for the Kuomintang administration-proposed referendum on the fate of the controversial Fourth Nuclear Power Plant.

The ruling party has also announced that it will not use any "game-fixing" tactics to prevent the referendum from taking effect to ensure that the almost complete plant will not be scrapped as the DPP and anti-nuclear activists have been pushing

Both parties' declarations are especially impressive at a time when the first round of World Baseball Classic (WBC) is being held in Taiwan.

The event's U.S. sponsor MLB has set many regulations not seen in other international baseball tournaments, including prohibiting a single pitcher from throwing more than 65 pitches in the first round of WBC series.

As the rules have been implemented previously, no contesting team has refused to abide by the rules.

It is therefore wise and reasonable for the DPP to drop its previous call for revisions to the Referendum Act's prohibitively high 50 percent turnout threshold prior to the holding of the nuclear plant referendum.

We hope both ruling and opposition parties will tackle the referendum issue sincerely and seriously.

Neither party should use any partisan rhetoric or tricks to prevent rational debate and should instead determine the fate of the controversial plant on the basis of professionalism. (Editorial abstract -- March 4, 2013).

(By Sofia Wu)