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China Times: Rebirth of PTS to begin with board review

2012/08/12 15:36:08

The Ministry of Culture on Aug. 7 released a list of new nominees for the board of Public Television Service (PTS) after two weeks of twists and turns.

The 19 new nominees were selected from the fields of arts, culture, music, media and others, and include ethnic minorities. This is a sharp departure from the past, when PTS board members were mostly professors or Ph.D. holders.

The new list has been better received that an earlier selection, which was rejected by members of the PTS board of directors review committee.

Since its establishment, PTS has been plagued by political wrangling, blackmail plots and power struggles. The new board members were nominated amid widespread public disappointment with PTS.

Among the new nominees are Hu Yuan-hui, former general manager of PTS; Hsu Lu, former general manager of Chinese Television System; and Chen Yu-hsiu, former minister of culture.

The list also includes people whose experience extend beyond the traditional media, such as Jan Hung-tze, chairman of PChome Online; Ho Fei-peng, founder of Cite Media Holding Group; and Chen Hao, CEO of Pak Lee Foundation; as well as Pegatron Corp. Chairman Tung Tsu-hsien, music producer Jerry Huang and Ashin, lead singer of the local rock band Mayday.

If the Ministry of Culture can go beyond political barriers to propose a broadly representative list but the multi-partisan review committee cannot rise above party biases, then it is the committee rather than the board that will face criticism.

We hope the review committee will select the board members based on professionalism and representativeness so that the PTS could emerge from the political cloud as soon as possible and get its business on track.

As Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai said privately, if such a list cannot be approved, "then there is no hope in finding anyone else or in approving any policies." (Editorial abstract--Aug. 12, 2012)

(By Christie Chen)