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United Daily News: Action needed to address public expectations

2012/07/06 14:57:05

President Ma Ying-jeou's already low popularity dropped further to 15 percent in the wake of the corruption scandal involving former Executive Yuan Secretary-General Lin Yi-shih.

Ma has drawn ridicule for his gullibility and poor judgment due to the arrogant and bossy former legislator rising quickly through the ranks to senior positions. There is definitely a need for the president to take some real action to rebuild his credibility in order to turn the tide in his favor.

When the scandal was first exposed by a tabloid magazine last week, Ma appeared credulous and passive, merely asking Lin to hold a news conference to give a public explanation.

Although Ma later apologized over the case on several public occasions, the move appeared insincere. He seemed as if he was a bystander when he said his administration team should "learn a lesson" from the scandal.

Furthermore, by repeating his slogan for a "clean government," Ma only exposed his inability to fulfill his commitment.

There is no doubt about Ma being a man of integrity. However, in order to become a good national leader, he needs to be more ready for action, develop the ability to make timely urgent responses and look beyond his inner circle.

It is not enough of a response to public anger and disappointment for Ma to merely reiterate his pledge to fight corruption or wait passively for an investigation by prosecutors. (Editorial abstract -- July 6, 2012)

(By Y.F. Low)