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China Times: Government's image at stake

2012/06/30 17:25:16

Executive Yuan Secretary-General Lin Yi-shih resigned Friday following accusations that he had taken bribes from a businessman. The case has severely damaged the clean image of President Ma Ying-jeou's administration.

According to the allegations, Lin received NT$63 million in bribes from the businessman to help his company secure a slag treatment contract from state-controlled China Steel Corp. (CSC) two years ago, when Lin was a legislator of the ruling Kuomintang.

Lin allegedly solicited another NT$83 million from the businessman between February and March this year but failed.

To support the claims, the accuser has presented evidence such as fund withdrawal slips and secretly recorded conversations between Lin and the businessman, in which the bribes were discussed, as well as photos showing Lin visiting the CSC office together with the businessman.

The photos demonstrate that Lin was not telling the truth when he said he was "not well acquainted" with the businessman, whom Lin described as only one of his many constituents.

At a news conference held Thursday, Lin stressed seven times that he "did not take bribes." However, many other things he has said so far have been proven untrue.

This case does serious harm to both Lin and Ma's administration. (Editorial abstract -- June 30, 2012)

(By Y.F. Low)