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Apple Daily: Marriage is none of the government's business

2012/03/23 12:18:15

Chang Show-foong, a writer-turned legislator from the opposition People First Party, on Thursday called the government's attention to the phenomenon in which an increasing number of Taiwanese men are marrying foreign women, saying that the preference for foreign spouses is causing many Taiwanese women to become spinsters.

Isn't the new legislator too nosy? Doesn't she feel embarrassed about receiving taxpayers' money doing nothing serious?

Chang argued that the foreign spouses are squeezing Taiwanese women's opportunities for marriage. She said the elimination of many excellent Taiwanese women from the marriage market is causing "tremendous losses to the nation," and suggested that the government provide a subsidy to the spinsters.

Doesn't Chang know that the selection of a partner for marriage is part of human rights and freedoms? The government cannot forbid people from marrying foreigners, and this is not a matter that the government should poke its nose into.

Chang's argument is fallacious. In fact, many of those Taiwanese men who married foreign women are of low socioeconomic status who are unappealing to local women. Even if they do not marry a foreign woman, they cannot find a Taiwanese woman to be their wife.

Furthermore, many Taiwanese women are staying single out of choice, because they will not settle for anything but the best. Women with higher socioeconomic status are more likely to choose spinsterhood. What is the reason for providing them with a subsidy?

The Legislative Yuan should have given orientation to its new members before it opened for the new session so that they would not say such stupid things. (Editorial abstract -- March 23, 2012)

(By Y.F. Low)