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Liberty Times: Content to be China's concubine?

2010/06/03 10:13:58

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ma Zhaoxu onTuesday expressed Beijing's opposition to the establishment ofofficial agreements between Taiwan and other countries when askedabout Taiwan's plan to negotiate free trade agreements (FTAs) withits trade partners after concluding an economic cooperation frameworkagreement (ECFA) with China.

This statement means that signing the ECFA is not equal togaining an international pass to FTAs, as the administration ofPresident Ma Ying-jeou expected. What Beijing was trying to say wasthat the "Republic of China" was not a country and that the Maadministration was only a "humble concubine" who had no right to askfor an equal footing with China.

The Referendum Screening Committee under the Executive Yuan willissue its ruling Thursday night on whether a referendum initiative onthe ECFA will be permitted. This will be the best opportunity for theMa administration to answer the question of whether it is a "humbleconcubine."

The Ma administration must not overlook the seriousness of thismatter and should allow the referendum to become the last democraticmechanism to protect the Taiwanese people. (June 3, 2010)

(By Y.F. Low)