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Magazine digest -- Audio story website to offer positive energy

2011/08/01 14:53:50

A former high-tech supply chain manager, who overcame major depression after a car accident six years ago, has decided to set up a website offering positive stories to help those who suffer similar conditions.

Star Lee, 42, a technology sector veteran for nearly 20 years, was hard-working and always took on challenges to compensate for his private college degree. His annual income reached NT$1 million (US$34,719) in just three years.

However, the work had taken its toll on Lee's health as he began to use alcohol to help him sleep.

Lee lost control of his car when he was drunk driving on the freeway in the middle of the night and hit the divider. Luckily, he only suffered minor contusions.

Despite improvement after treatment for depression, his condition deteriorated once he began working, forcing him to change over 10 jobs since that time. The suicide news of other depression patients he knew also worsened his own mental state.

In the fourth year after his diagnosis for depression, Lee decided to stop relying on hospitals and medication. He began reading self-help books and taking courses to stay positive.

During the Chinese New Year last year, Lee further decided to set up a website that offers positive stories in audio to help other people obtain happiness.

The idea came to Lee when he discovered that many people use hand-held devices to read on public transportation as Internet connectivity becomes more commonly available.

Lee said such a way of reading for a long period of time is tiring and he thought people might like to listen to something pleasant on their journeys instead.

With a four-year subsidy of about NT$500,000 from the local government for start-ups, Lee proceeded with his plan to build the website "justlisten" earlier this year, which is currently under construction.

Besides audio stories based on materials from publishing houses, Lee also plans to put short articles and illustrations on the website to provide positive energy for listeners.

Although his family and doctor do not support Lee's decision because they worry about added pressure on Lee from maintaining the website, Lee insists on the project because of his desire to help bring happiness to others.

"If things can be done in time, maybe there can be less regrets," Lee said. "I want other depression patients to know how people have overcome the condition." (CommonWealth 476)(translated by Kay Liu)