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Taipei Zoo keeps animals cool with frozen treats

2012/07/10 22:48:46

Taipei, July 10 (CNA) With the mercury in Taipei hitting record highs in recent days, it's not just humans who are feeling the heat.

The Taipei Zoo has been finding creative and effective ways of keeping their charges cool, such as giving them ice cubes and using water sprays and misters, the zoo said Tuesday in a press release.

During the summer, the zoo offers icy treats such as frozen fish, meat and fruit to its Eurasian otters, Formosan rock macaques, Formosan black bears and chimpanzees.

Most of the animals with outdoor habitats have the choice of being inside or outside, but the most popular way for the animals is to take a dive in their outdoor pools or have a mud bath.

The Formosan rock macaques love to play in the water, while the white rhinoceroses use mud baths to regulate their body temperature, the zoo said.

In order to lead the animals into the water, the zoo said, staff will throw toys, bones and food into the pools for them to chase.

Meanwhile, herbivores like the giraffes, deer, antelopes and zebras like to take shelter in the shade.

Among all the zoo's animals, however, the king penguins, pandas and koalas enjoy the most luxurious treatment of all, as they not only have chilled water but also air conditioned enclosures to keep them cool.

(By Huang Li-yun and Hanna Liu)