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Unhealthy weight loss diets may result in older looks: doctor

2012/06/28 20:46:38

Taipei, June 28 (CNA) Over 60 percent of women in Taiwan follow unhealthy weight loss diets that may result in older looks and poor health, a doctor from a beauty clinic said Thursday.

Citing a survey jointly conducted by his Taipei-based clinic and Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Yang Ming-chuan said 60.2 percent of women polled only ate certain items or foods with no starch content to lose weight.

The survey also showed that 30.1 percent of respondents followed a strict diet and consumed only liquid food or water for a certain period of time, while 17.6 percent took medicine bought from radio stations or other non-medical sources in an attempt to lose weight.

In addition, 46 percent of the respondents said they combined at least two of the methods to reduce weight.

However, according to Yang, over 30 percent of the total 428 respondents thought they had previously suffered from hair loss, shrinking breasts and bad skin due to following unhealthy diet plans.

As for the motivations to lose weight, 67 percent said having a slim figure would boost their self-confidence.

Some 37.5 percent of the women said they wanted to look slimmer to gain recognition from others, while 34.6 percent made such efforts in order to look better in bathing suits and tight outfits during summertime.

Nutritionist Yang Cheng-hua recommended that women who wanted to lose weight should take up regular exercise and eat a balanced diet that includes non-animal protein and at least five types of high fiber fruit and vegetables everyday.

The survey collected 428 valid responses. Some 236 women polled were below 29 years old, with 192 being over 30 years old.

(By Chen Ching-fang and Maia Huang)