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Torrential rain forecast for southern Taiwan

2012/06/10 17:00:54

Taipei, June 10 (CNA) Southern Taiwan can expect extremely heavy rain over the next two days, while the weather in other parts of Taiwan will also be rainy due to an air current from the southwest, the Central Weather Bureau said Sunday.

The system is expected to bring showers and thunderstorms to central, southern and eastern Taiwan on Sunday and Monday, the bureau said.

In northern and northeast areas of the country, afternoon thundershowers can be expected on those two days, according to the bureau.

It warned against torrential downpours in parts of central and southern Taiwan, saying that the rainfall within a 24 hour period in Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas in southern Taiwan had exceeded 200 millimeters by early Sunday.

Kaohsiung and Pingtung could continue to experience extremely heavy showers, with up to 350 millimeters of rainfall possible within a 24 hour period, the bureau warned.

Across Taiwan, showers, thunderstorms and torrential rain could persist in some areas after Tuesday because of the air current and a weather front, the bureau said.

Heavy rain could also be expected in northern Taiwan after Tuesday, it added.

In general, the wet weather could persist until June 16, it said.

With the rain, temperatures are expected to range between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius over the next few days, the weather bureau forecast.

People throughout the country are warned to be on the alert for sudden downpours, lightning, strong winds, rising river levels, landslides in the mountains and flooding in low-lying areas, the bureau said.

Meanwhile, Premier Sean Chen has asked the relevant ministries to take precautionary measures and support the local governments if rescue efforts are needed, according to a statement released by the Cabinet on Sunday.

Two emergency response centers have been opened in southern Taiwan, and the Council of Agriculture has a task force on standby to respond to mudslides, the Cabinet said.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs also has a task force ready to distribute water pumps in the event of flooding, it added.

The public is urged to avoid travelling to mountainous areas and near water ways, the Cabinet said.

(By Christie Chen and Elaine Hou)