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Taiwan people's negative emotions world's 6th-lowest: Gallup

2012/06/07 13:42:35

Washington, June 6 (CNA) Taiwan boasts one of the world's lowest scores on the Negative Experience Index, as its people experience less negative emotions than their counterparts in many other countries, according to the results of a survey released by Gallup Wednesday.

Taiwan tied for sixth place with four other countries -- Russia, China, Trinidad and Tobago, and Kazakhstan -- with a score of 16 on the Gallup-devised Negative Experience Index, which measures respondents' experiences of wellbeing on the day before the survey. The lower the score, the less the negative emotions experienced by the respondents.

In the survey conducted in 2011, Taiwan outpaced Japan and South Korea in terms of people's negative feelings in their daily lives.

The survey found that people living in Iraq, the Palestinian Territories, Bahrain and several other Middle East countries are among the most likely worldwide to experience a lot of negative emotions on a daily basis.

According to a Gallup analysis, Arab Spring countries were most negative and former Soviet countries least negative in the 2011 survey that provided measures of respondents' negative emotions such as anger, stress, worry, sadness and physical pain.

Iraq's score of 59 on the index in 2011 was the highest in the world, with the Palestinian Territories placing a distant second with a score of 43, the Gallup report said.

In fact, the report said, index scores in several of the Arab Spring countries where Gallup could conduct surveys placed them in the global top 10 of daily negative emotions. The Arab Spring refers to the revolutionary wave of protests that spread through many North African and Middle Eastern countries in 2011.

The survey also found that the countries with the lowest reported negative emotions worldwide are all in Asia, with the exception of Mali (where the data was collected before the recent coup there), Trinidad and Tobago, and the Somaliland region of Somalia. Additionally, five of the countries with the lowest Negative Experience Index scores are former Soviet Union countries.

The United States was in the top quartile for daily negative emotions in 2011, scoring a 32 with increases in sadness, worry and physical pain since 2007, the Gallup report said.

The index was compiled on the basis of findings through telephone and face-to-face interviews with 1,000 adults aged 15 and older, conducted in 2011 in 148 countries and areas.

(By Jay Chou and Sofia Wu)