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Taiwanese woman dances her way to success in U.S.

2012/05/24 17:56:51

Los Angeles, May 23 (CNA) A Taiwanese woman who traveled alone to the United States 10 years ago to pursue a professional dance career has seen her dreams come true after years of perseverance and hard work.

Andrea Lin was only 19 when she arrived in the U.S., and although it was tough in the beginning, she worked hard to prove herself to the dance community in Los Angeles.

After paying her dues, she was noticed by Madonna and became a regular member of the pop diva's dance team. She once performed live at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"I have always loved dancing, but I would never have been able to make a living by dancing in Taiwan," said Lin, who has her own studio in LA.

When Lin first arrived in the U.S, she took part-time jobs at restaurants and in night clubs. Sometimes she only had US$25 to live on for two weeks and could only afford to eat bananas every day, she said.

She recalled that she sometimes woke up at midnight crying because she had nobody to rely on in the U.S., but she refused to quit, as she could never accept giving into her fears.

"I always tried my best when I got the chance to perform with other dancers from different races," she said.

Talking about her future plan, Lin, who has already released a dance DVD, said she is currently working with a team to release her first CD.

"With a stylist who once worked for music sensation Lady Gaga, visual designers from movies like 'Batman' and 'Transformers' and the producer of stars such as Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles, I know I will create a great album," she said.

(By Oscar Wu and Maia Huang)