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Immigration official visits new immigrant in Pingtung

2012/05/09 21:59:59

Kaohsiung, May 9 (CNA) A top official from Taiwan's National Immigration Agency (NIA) visited a Chinese woman and her Taiwanese husband in Pingtung County Wednesday as part of the agency's mobile program to provide improved services to new immigrants living in remote areas.

NIA Deputy Director-General Ho Jung-chun, as well as representatives from government agencies associated with cross-Taiwan Strait relations, praised the hard work of the couple, who recently re-opened their store that had been destroyed during Typhoon Morakot in August 2009.

Liu Yuansui from China's Guangdong Province and her husband Chen Kuo-chung told Ho that they had borrowed NT$1 million (US$34,050) from the bank to open their store one month before the typhoon ravaged Taiwan.

After the storm, although Chen was afflicted by cellulitis that he contracted during the disaster, the couple said the store was slowly coming back with help from local businessmen and volunteers.

Under the immigration agency's mobile program, officials will travel to remote areas to gain a better understanding of the lives of new immigrants and therefore be able to provide visa services and assistance to those who face domestic violence and other serious issues.

(By Kuo Chu-chen and Maia Huang)