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Balanced diet, not pork knuckles, key to healthy skin: nutritionists

2012/04/25 20:08:12

Taipei, April 25 (CNA) A balanced diet is the key to maintaining good skin, nutritionists said Wednesday, in response to a recent survey that found most Taiwanese women eat braised pork knuckles in an effort to look younger.

Pork knuckles are a great source of collagen but they are also high in cholesterol, warned Hung Ruo-pu, a senior nutritionist at Taipei City Hospital.

Eating too much pork knuckle could also lead to other health problems such as obesity, she said in a telephone interview with CNA.

The survey by the 104 Market Research Center found that 71.8 percent of Taiwanese women think that pork knuckles can help make their skin look younger.

Other popular foods eaten for the same purpose include fish skin, cartilage, beef tendons and chicken wings, the poll found.

But Hung said there are better food choices, such as seaweed and white wood ear mushrooms, for adding collagen to one’s diet.

In addition, regular exercise, which helps speed up the metabolism, contributes to better skin health, Hung said.

Another nutritionist, Su Hsiu-yueh of Taipei Medical University Hospital, said there is no scientific evidence that links the consumption of pork knuckles to younger skin.

She suggested that balanced nutrition, sufficient rest and plenty of water are vital to maintaining healthy skin.

The survey was conducted online among 1,000 women aged 25-60 nationwide, from March 26 to April 13.

(By Nancy Liu)