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Hualien County is home to highest number of bat species in Taiwan

2012/04/24 22:00:07

Taipei, April 24 (CNA) A bat research project commissioned by the the Hualien Forest District Office found that Hualien County was home to 30 species of bats, which is the highest figure for any Taiwan county, according to a statement released by the office Tuesday.

The one year research project to investigate the diversity of bat species in Hualien was conducted by the Bat Association of Taiwan, the statement said.

The association identified 20 bat species in the recent project, but, after considering former research results, settled on a figure of 30, which accounted for 91 percent of all bat species found in Taiwan, the statement noted.

In addition, two endangered bat species were found to be living in Hualien, the Formosan flying fox and the Formosan tailless leaf-nosed bat.

First-time sightings in the eastern county of East Asian free-tailed bats were also reported.

The natural environment in Hualien, including dense forests, rivers, plains and natural caves, make the county an ideal habitat for bats, the statement quoted the association's standing director Fang Ying-pin as saying.

(By Huang Chiao-wen and and C.J. Lin)