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Taiwan unveils new technology for LED lighting units

2012/04/19 17:18:25

Taipei, April 19 (CNA) A group of scientists at Taiwan's National Central University has developed a new packaging technology that addresses the color variations of LED lighting to make it more suitable for indoor use.

Lee Cheng-chung, dean of the university's College of Science, said although LED lighting is becoming increasingly common because of its high performance, long life and low pollution, it is mostly used outdoors rather than indoors because its color variations may be visually uncomfortable.

In some cases, LED lighting can produce light of high color temperature that can have negative effects on human health, said Sun Ching-cherng, director of the university's Department of Optics and Photonics.

Sun said his team has designed a packaging structure with a silicone lens covering a phosphor dome that decreases the color variations. The achievement has been published in the Optics Express journal issued by the Optical Society of America.

The team has also applied for patent rights for the technology in Taiwan, China and the United States, Sun said.

(By Hsu Chih-wei and Y.F. Low)