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Spring cleaning yields mountains of garbage

2012/04/14 21:54:46

Taipei, April 14 (CNA) Nearly 25,000 people joined in a nationwide event on Saturday to help tidy Taiwan's environment and cleared more than 300 metric tons of waste from the country's beaches and mountains, according to Environmental Protection Administration officials.

People across Taiwan's 22 counties and cities helped picked up 286 metric tons of non-recyclable garbage and another 54.7 tons of recyclable waste during the "2012 national beaches and mountain spring cleaning event," part of the administration's "world environment season" that runs from April to June.

New Taipei alone had 3,000 participants clean trash from coastal districts, such as Bali, Danshui, Linkou, Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan, Wanli, Ruifang, and Gongliao, and they ending up clearing 30 tons of trash and 2 tons of recyclable waste.

EPA Minister Stephen Shen and New Taipei Environmental Protection Department Director Liu He-jan led a group of 1,000 volunteers in cleaning up Bali District.

One 76-year-old volunteer, Chen Lee Hao-chih, said she enjoyed the day because cleaning beaches not only helped protect the earth but was also very good exercise.

In recent years, Taiwan has faced stronger rains, typhoons and other natural disasters than previously, leaving a trail of debris on beaches.

As part of the administration's efforts to improve environmental sanitation, local government environmental bureaus are asking business and civic groups to encourage companies to adopt beaches and to attract more volunteers to help clean them.

(By Zoe Wei and C.J. Lin)