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Taiwan public, media praise Lady Gaga

2011/07/05 22:15:07

Taipei, July 5 (CNA) Pop singer Lady Gaga appeared to most Taiwanese fans and reporters to be unexpectedly friendly during a whirlwind four-day visit to Taiwan from July 1-4.

Many of her "little monsters," as she fondly calls her fans, found their "mother monster" an unpredictable superstar who surprised them with a one-hour-long free show that was the longest of her promotional tour so far.

At first she was scheduled to sing only four songs from her latest record "Born This Way."

The singer appeared to be pleased about the enthusiasm and large-scale reception she received in the central city of Taichung, where tens of thousands flocked to a park to watch her performance.

Lady Gaga received many presents especially made for her from the city government and the major sponsor of her trip. They included a symbolic key to the city, a brush painting portrait of her, a wooden sculpture, an aboriginal song and dance in her name, and a big lantern painted with her image.

She offered to take three questions from the audience, which was not scheduled, at a welcoming ceremony hosted by the city government on July 3.

The 25-year-old musician, despite being guarded by heavy security, walked away from her minders to let salesgirls at a Chanel shop have a photo taken with her.

The first night she arrived in Taipei, she sent 100 hamburgers and fries combos to fans who had waited for hours outside the hotel in the hope of catching a glimpse of her.

"I was really excited when I got to my hotel room. And as soon as I turned the lights on, because the shades were open, the fans knew I had entered the room as I immediately heard them screaming. So I went to the window and I was able to wave and blow kisses. And it really meant a lot to me," Lady Gaga said at a press conference a day earlier.

Staff at a Taipei yoga studio the singer visited on short notice on July 2 said she was nice and polite, and signed autographs for them.

The kid-friendly star hugged a group of children who performed a "Song of Gaga" for her at the Taichung ceremony, although some of the kids seemed too shy to respond to her. Later that day, Lady Gaga met a disabled third-grader and her sister in private. The girl, who could not write and speak well, learned, however, to say "I love you, Lady Gaga," according to media reports. The press and city officials were not permitted to attend the meeting.

Ten finalists in a Lady Gaga fashion competition also talked in excitement about how friendly their idol was during some private time with them.

"I told her I hoped I could design clothes for her some day. And she kindly said immediately she hoped so too," said Marcus Wen, a 21-year -old fashion design student.

But not every fan was satisfied with just watching Lady Gaga waving or blowing kisses from a distance.

"I hope she can be more friendly to us. I think she interacted more closely with them (fans) in other Asian countries. It felt like Lady Gaga was not friendly enough to Taiwanese fans," said Oreo Lin, who had waited for his idol outside the hotel for four nights.

He said he was sad Lady Gaga did not stop to shake hands with the more than 100 fans that saw her off at the hotel or had more interaction with them. Instead, she blew a kiss in a car that drove fast past the screaming crowd.

She wowed a room full of the media from Taiwan and other Asian countries when she suddenly stepped down from the stage at a press conference to hug the 90-year-old lantern-maker who made the lantern for her.

She answered questions about gossip such as a rumor of her pregnancy and about her sexuality. She also changed into eight different outfits for interviews with different media.

Lady Gaga left for Singapore a day earlier to continue her album promotion in Asia.

(By Kendra Lin)