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President Ma presents Golden Melody Award to aboriginal singer

2011/06/18 21:56:11

Taipei, June 18 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou presented an award for Taiwan's aboriginal music Saturday night at the Golden Melody Awards, the biggest music event in the Chinese-language music world.

Greeting the audience at Taipei Arena in an aboriginal language, Ma presented the Best Aboriginal Album award to Amis singer and actor Suming Rupi, who was surprised to receive the award from the president.

Ma, who claims to be able to offer greetings in all 14 aboriginal languages in Taiwan, said music represented different voices of different times.

When he attended a warm-up event for the awards last week, "I saw the strong vitality of Taiwan's young music artists and I thought then that I had to come today," Ma added.

He also said he hoped Taiwan's music could go beyond the Chinese community and shine in the world stage.

As the president left the ceremony, he shook hands with singer Jay Chou, veteran Taiwanese singer Jody Chiang and R&B musician David Tao, but not before getting a hot stock tip from Rupi during the singer's acceptance speech.

"President Ma, we aborigines are 'a blue-chip stock.' Please invest in us. We will develop our own industry," urged Rupi, whose music fuses traditional aboriginal chanting with electronic rock and folk music.

He noted that his album had Chinese, Japanese and English translations for the aboriginal-language lyrics and asked, "Isn't it very international?"

The artist from eastern Taiwan also wondered how there could not be more fans of indigenous culture when so many people were crazy about Japanese and Korean culture, hinting at the limited attention received by local aboriginal cultural offerings.

(By Kendra Lin)