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Air quality in Kaohsiung City shows improvement

2010/12/15 19:11:42

Kaohsiung, Dec. 15 (CNA) The air quality in southern Taiwan'sKaohsiung City has shown a marked improvement, with the ratio ofPollution Standard Index (PSI) decreasing to a record low of 3.76percent as of November, the city's Environmental Protection Bureausaid Wednesday.

The average PSI of the city in 2009 was 4.9 percent -- meaningthat the PSI exceeded 100, a standard for unacceptable air quality,on only 4.9 percent of the days in the year.

The figure is in stark contrast to highest PSI since recordsbegan -- 12.48 percent in 1994.

The improvement is a result of a series of air pollution controlmeasures that have helped reduce carbon emissions, said Lee Mu-sheng,director-general of the bureau.

For example, he said, the city government has encouraged citizensto use public transport and has conducted thorough inspections toprevent factories, the city's harbor and construction sites fromemitting heavy pollutants.

In addition, a subsidy program to promote eco-friendly electronicvehicles was implemented as part of these efforts, Lee added.

The Environmental Protection Bureau uses the PSI to measure majorpollutants, including sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogendioxide, lead and ozone, as an indicator of air quality.

(By Wang Shwu-fen and Maia Huang)