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Inoculation against seasonal flu in Taipei to begin in October

2010/09/27 16:31:04

Taipei, Sept. 27 (CNA) Taipei City will start its annual seasonalinfluenza inoculation program Oct. 1, offering one shot of combinedvaccines to combat various strains of flu, including two A strains --H1N1 and H3N2 -- the Taipei City Department of Health announcedMonday.

This year, the inoculation recipients will not have to take thetwo separate shots like they had in previous years to combat A (H1N1)and the B type of flu, the department said in a statement.

It also said that senior citizens aged over 65, children agedbetween six months and 10 years, patients afflicted with rarediseases, medical and health care personnel responsible forquarantine affairs, as well as livestock breeders and zoo workers,will all be provided with free shots.

This year, it has prepared approximately 300,000 doses of thecombined vaccine for groups of people regarded as vulnerable to flu,the department said.

According to city government statistics, there have been 37 casesof severe flu infection reported in the capital city so far thisyear, one of which was fatal.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control under the Cabinet-levelDepartment of Health shows that over past few weeks, most flu strainsrampant in communities were AH3, accounting for 54 percent of allreported flu cases, with A (H1N1) making up 26 percent and B fluaccounting for 17 percent.

In Taipei City, 288 medical centers and hospitals are contractedwith the city government to provide the inoculations. Detailedinformation is available on the health department's website at

(By Chen Hung-chin and Elizabeth Hsu)