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Baseball most popular sport in Taiwan: poll

2010/07/03 15:46:10

Taipei, July 3 (CNA) Despite World Cup fever all over the world,including Taiwan, baseball is still the country's favorite sport,beating basketball in second place and football in third, accordingto the results of a survey released Saturday.

Some 78 percent of Taiwanese office workers who responded to thesurvey by the 360d human resources bank -- 57 percent of whom werewomen -- said they pay attention to the World Cup being held in SouthAfrica.

About 15 percent of the respondents said their co-workers wereenthusiastically discussing the matches at the office as the WorldCup reaches its final stages, according to the poll.

However, football is not the most popular sport among Taiwan'spopulation, as it was cited as favorite by only 19 percent, behind 37percent who prefer baseball and 25 percent who follow basketball.Tennis ranked fourth, supported by only 6 percent.

Although 93 percent of the respondents agreed that regularexercise is good for the health, the poll found that only 59 percentof Taiwan's white-collar employees take regular exercise.

Of these, 30 percent said they go jogging after work, followed by6 percent each who said they play basketball or exercise at gyms.Swimming, yoga, dancing and badminton are also popular in Taiwan,according to the poll.

The online survey collected 1,036 valid responses.

(By Y.H. Chen and Flor Wang)