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`Toy Story 3' to debut in Taiwan

2010/04/05 14:54:10

Taipei, April 5 (CNA) "Toy Story 3, " a computer-animated filmproduced by Pixar Animation Studio, will premiere on the big screenin Taiwan, according to an executive of the studio's parent company.

"'Toy Story 3' will hit local screens June 16 this year, which istwo days prior to its U.S. release, " Kiki Yu, a senior marketingmanager of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Taiwan) Division,said at a press briefing in Taipei Sunday.

"People in Taiwan will be the first to see the film, " saidVivienne Tung, the public relations supervisor of the Taiwandivision.

The date was chosen to screen the film because it happens to fallon the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a public holiday in Taiwan,Tung added.

Pixar has also launched 3D versions of "Toy Story 1" and "ToyStory 2," which are due in Taiwanese cinema April 23, according to apress statement.

"Toy Story" was the industry's first computer-animated featureand the first feature released by Pixar in 1995. "Toy Story 2" cameout in 1999.

The press briefing took place to coincide with Children's Day,and a dozen children dressed in marching band and security guarduniforms performed before the movie's main characters, Buzz Lightyearand Sheriff Woody, made an appearance.

Scores of parents and children lined up to have their photos withthe characters after the press briefing.

(By Alex Jiang)