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Filipino organizers look to entertain Pinoys in Taiwan

2018/02/11 20:36:19

Alpha Martial Eagles Production head Allan Viray

By William Yen, CNA staff writer

A newly created six-member troupe, Alpha Martial Eagles Production, has set its sights on expanding the entertainment options available to Filipinos working in Taiwan.

Alpha Martial Eagles Production was created in December and is headed by Allan Viray, a 30-year-old rising talent in event production.

Other members of the production group include Angelito Penuaga, Jefferson Candido, Jayson Suarez, Paul John Macapinlac and Bobby Clizel Valdez.

Alpha Martial Eagles Production head Allan Viray (front left) discussing with Brown 101 rappers and DJs

Viray, who hails from Pampanga Province in the Philippines, has been in Taiwan since 2014 and has an impressive record of producing events for his fellow Pinoys.

Some of the events Viray has produced and co-produced prior to the creation of Alpha Martial Eagles Production or with other organizations include PINOY in Taiwan Next Top Model, which was held in July last year in Tainan, the Eco-Runway Fashion Show held last November in Hsinchu and the King and Queen of Earth 2018, held Jan. 7 in Tainan.

Allan Viray (Center) with DJs MP (left) and Tred from Brown 101

Laklakan 1

The next highly anticipated event is the Laklakan 1, which is a battle rap event to be held Feb. 17 in Taichung's Super Club YYG and Feb. 18 in Taipei's Focus Disco Bar.

Viray chose to produce a hip hop event even though he has concentrated on fashion shows in the past, because he wants to give people who love to perform a stage, he said.

Filipinos love to have fun, Viray said, and one of his ambitions is to create fun for Filipinos and help them enjoy their lives in Taiwan.

"Filipino people love entertainment, love to enjoy life," said Viray, adding that he is not producing the events expecting to make a large profit or even cover his expenses, but to bring fun.

"If I make a profit, I win, but if I make a loss, no problem, I have given entertainment, I have created fun," said Viray, adding that "for me, this is my achievement in Taiwan, we are living here in Taiwan."

Alpha Martial Eagles Production head Allan Viray

Viray said one of the inspirations behind the event is the fact that usually such performances can only be watched on YouTube and have yet to take place in Taiwan, so he wanted to produce an event for overseas Filipino workers so they too have a chance to enjoy and participate.

Some of the profits from the event will be donated to the LITRO Babies Phils Inc. - Liver Transplant Operation, which is a support group for children who need liver transplants in the Philippines, Viray said.

"The donations from our sponsors I give directly to them, so whether the event makes a profit or not, there are no worries," said Viray, adding that he has donated various items to the group in the past, including milk powder.

Another of his ambitions is to help develop the exposure and talent of Filipinos in Taiwan, Viray said, adding that this is the reason he produces these events and will bring talent from the Philippines to have exchanges with Filipino artists in Taiwan.

Brown 101

One such group performing at Laklakan 1 is Brown 101, a Filipino hip hop group that formed in Taiwan in January 2017 and is a collective of hip hop musicians consisting of DJs, rappers and music producers from around the island.

Brown 101's DJ Tred (left) and DJ MP

Members of the group include Jigsaw, JMT, Ely Romero, Zedrick, who is also known as Decoy, Dee Third, Gobas Kalbaryo, Ichiro, Jeckoi, Joey Write, Antipatiko, Oomblast, Diablo/Deeplowmatic, DJ Jhang, DJ MP, DJ EUGZ, DJ Tred, DJ UDE, Dicky Fox, DJ Sheen and Jo Flava.

Joey Write (left) and Diablo/Deeplowmatic

Other artists to perform at the event will be Diversity Dance Crew, My Style Crew and singers Leony Paredes in Taichung Feb. 17 and Marichris Salilong in Taipei Feb. 18.

Artists and rappers from the Philippines have also been invited to the event to compete against Filipino rappers in Taiwan to boost exposure and allow the rappers to develop their skills, said Viray.

The guest artists from the Philippines include famous FlipTop Battle League rappers, such as Mhot, who was FlipTop Isabuhay 2017 Champion, and Aklas, who was FlipTop Isabuhay 2013 Champion, said Viray, adding that other rappers will include J-King and Romano, who were both semi-finalists at Isabuhay tournaments.

The non-instrumental rap battle will consist of three 90-second rounds with a coin toss deciding which rapper goes first in each battle, according the producer.

The battle line-up will be Aklas versus Jigsaw, Decoy versus J-King and Mhot versus Romano.

The FlipTop Battle League is the first and largest professional rap battle conference in the Philippines, founded in 2010.

Joey Write (left), Diablo/Deeplowmatic (center) and DJ Tred

"I love to listen and watch the battles," said Viray, adding that he is amazed at how the contestants study their opponents and come up with creative and witty lines.

In the future we hope to bring more famous artists and rappers from the Philippines and also to develop local talent, said Viray.

"I am looking forward to developing more battle rap artists," said Viray, explaining that "in other countries like Japan, there are a lot of groups going there to perform rap battles, singing and contests."

Alpha Martial Eagles Production head Allan Viray (back left) discussing with Brown 101 rappers and DJs