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Two handed life sentences for murder of baby girl

2019/08/15 19:03:35

the baby's grandmother, who showed up at the court to hear the judgment

Taipei, Aug. 15 (CNA) Two life sentences and one 18-year term of imprisonment were handed down to three residents of Tainan, southern Taiwan Thursday, for physically abusing an 19-month old baby girl and causing her death in January, according to Tainan District Court.

In addition to the three defendants, the girl's mother, a 17-year-old minor surnamed Hsueh (薛), is also on trial for homicide at the juvenile court.

Hsueh's cousin Hsueh Hui-yun (薛慧昀), 21, and her partner Li Chia-wei (李嘉偉), 28, received life sentences and were stripped of their civil rights for life. The cousin's husband Ho Keng-hsien (何耿賢), 26, was sentenced to 18 years for homicide.

The court ruled that Hsueh Hui-yun mainly directed the other three to abuse the baby, with Li inflicting the cruelest punishment and Ho going along with the others.

According to an earlier police investigation, the four frequently beat the baby girl with a variety of objects when she cried, denied her food and deprived her of sleep.

The baby sustained a head injury and had serious bruising over a large part of her body. She was found to have no vital signs when taken to hospital on the evening of Jan. 15, according to police.

In the early hours of that day, the four had beaten the girl and hit her head against a wall after she cried and spilled a bottle of milk, the police found.

Although the baby's temperature dropped and her eyes rolled back in her head, the four went to a KTV parlor with the child's "frozen body" rather than immediately take her to hospital, according to the police investigation.

The accused still have the right to appeal their sentences.

(By Chang Jung-hsiang and Chi Jo-yao)