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Autopsy to be done on dumped body of newborn baby

2019/03/01 17:49:06

Taipei, March 1 (CNA) An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of death of a newborn baby girl who was found to have been dumped in a kitchen waste container in Taipei earlier this week, police said Friday.

The procedure, to be conducted on March 5, will also help shed light on whether she died before or after being dumped by a man in the can in front of a barbecue store in Ximending in the early hours of Feb. 26, as shown in video footage, police said.

The bagged waste from the container was later transported by a garbage truck to a recycling company in Xindian District in New Taipei, and a company employee discovered the body wrapped in a black plastic bag when clearing the waste from the truck.

The baby girl, found with the umbilical cord and placenta intact, was believed to be disposed of shortly after her birth, police said.

After reviewing street camera footage along with the route of the garbage truck, police identified a suspect seen throwing a black plastic bag into a container full of kitchen waste at around 3 a.m. on Feb. 26.

As police searched for the suspect from video footage in Ximending, members of the public claimed to have seen the man and reported that he spoke Mandarin with a foreign accent, police said.

Police said they visited a hotel in the area popular with visitors from Southeast Asia and identified a man who resembles the suspect, but he had already checked out.

The man, in his 20s, checked into a hotel in Ximending with a woman after arriving in Taiwan on Feb. 19, according to police.

Hotel workers told police that the woman seemed to be pregnant when she checked in, but her belly was flat when checking out.

The couple, said to be from Singapore, left Taiwan for Singapore on the afternoon of Feb. 26.

Police said they suspected the couple were the baby's parents and will request assistance from their Singaporean counterparts if a DNA test on bloodstains collected from the room in the hotel where the couple stayed is a match with the baby girl's DNA.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau, meanwhile, is trying to contact the Singaporean side to allow the couple to be questioned in Taiwan.

(By Huang Hsu-sheng and Flor Wang)