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Taiwan Grand Lottery top ticket sold in New Taipei

2019/02/09 16:54:43

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Taipei, Feb. 9 (CNA) The sole winning ticket, worth over NT$200 million (about US$6.5 million), in Friday's Grand Lottery (大樂透), was sold in New Taipei's Luzhou District, according to Taiwan Lottery that day.

The winner can claim a prize of approximately NT$204 million, Taiwan Lottery said.

The winning numbers are: 42, 14, 36, 13, 32 and 08, plus the special number 05.

Meanwhile that day, a total of 42 winning tickets were produced for a special draw of nine numbers, with 32 tickets winning NT$1 million and 10 winning NT$0.5 million.

The nine numbers in ascending order were: 01, 11, 24, 27, 29, 31, 34, 41 and 45.

The special draw is part of a bonus game for Grand Lottery tickets, held Feb. 1-10, 12 and 15, which allows its holders to win a maximum of NT$1 million if all of their numbers match six from the set of nine numbers.

Since Feb. 1, 252 winning sets of the special nine number draw has produced 309 winning tickets, including 205 of which have won NT$1 million, Taiwan Lottery said.

Taiwan Lottery plans to produce a total of 360 winning sets of the special nine number draw by Feb. 15, Taiwan Lottery said.

(By William Yen)