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Cold air system could send mercury to 12 degrees in Taiwan next week

2018/12/22 12:41:10

Taipei, Dec. 22 (CNA) A cold air system is expected to set in next week and send temperatures to as low as 12 degrees Celsius in Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Saturday.

After warm and comfortable weather this week, Taiwan is expected to experience frigid conditions next week as a cold air system is forecast to move southward toward Taiwan, and will bring low temperatures, particularly in the northern part of the country, the CWB said.

According to the CWB, rain is possible along with the cold air, and the mercury in northern and northeastern Taiwan is expected to fall to as low as 12 degrees next Thursday.

In central and southern Taiwan, temperatures are forecast to fall to 14-16 degrees on Thursday, the CWB said, adding that such cool weather will likely continue until next Saturday, when the strength of the cold air fades to push up the mercury.

As for this Saturday, the CWB said, with sunny to cloudy skies prevailing, daytime temperatures are forecast to hit 29-30 degrees in northern Taiwan, in particular the Taipei Basin, while the mercury in central and southern parts of the country could reach 29 degrees despite relatively thick cloudy cover.

The CWB warned of a wide day-night temperature differences in Taiwan for Saturday, forecasting the mercury is expected to fall to around 22 degrees around the country at night.

The lowest temperatures of the low-lying areas around Taiwan early Saturday morning were recorded at 19.1 degrees in the CWB's monitoring station in Taipei.

With daytime temperatures being high, western Taiwan and outlying Matsu Island could still see fog, the CWB said, urging people in the affected area to keep alert over low visibility.

The CWB also warned of big waves in the coastal areas in southeastern Taiwan, including Orchid Island and Green Island as well as the Hengchun Peninsula.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Frances Huang)