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Motech announces early end to migrant worker employment contracts

2018/09/17 12:21:58

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Taipei, Sept. 17 (CNA) Solar cell maker Motech Industries Inc. announced Monday it will terminate 300 migrant workers' employment contracts to improve human resources management and make fundamental corporate changes in the face of a volatile and uncertain market.

The 300 employees mainly work on assembly lines in Taiwan, the Tainan-headquartered company said in a statement.

To improve competitiveness in the face of market volatility, the company plans to adjust its fundamentals and improve corporate governance by refocusing short-term manpower allocation to enhance operational efficiency, it added.

Noting that foreign workers at the company's plants in Taiwan play a supplementary role, Motech said adjusting foreign manpower will be the main focus of its current labor force restructuring.

The company will process the early termination of the 300 employment contracts in accordance with existing laws and do what it can to help the individuals impacted return home or where they express a preference transfer to another employer, it said.

(By Chang Chien-chung and Evelyn Kao)