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Evaluation of migrant worker brokers to start April 23

2018/04/19 18:35:23

Taipei, April 19 (CNA) The Ministry of Labor (MOL) said Thursday that its annual evaluation of brokerage firms for migrant workers will begin next Monday and the results will be published later in the year.

The ministry said it will evaluate some 1,471 companies and will rate each one based on their performance in 2017 in areas such as management, client service and systems for dealing with labor law violations.

Based on their scores out of 100, the brokerages will be graded A (90 or above), B (70 to 89) or C (under 70).

The results of the evaluation will be published on the MOL's website on Oct. 31 for the reference of employers seeking to hire migrant workers via brokers.

In the ministry's evaluation last year of 1,333 foreign labor brokerages, 487 were given an A grade, while 773 were given a B, and 73 received a C.

In a mock referendum held by the Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan, 12,684 votes were cast in favor of abolishing the migrant labor brokerage system in Taiwan, and 95 votes were cast against the proposal.

Many migrant workers in Taiwan have complained that brokers charge too much money and do not provide any proper services.

(By Kuan-lin Liu and Yu Hsiao-han)