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Suspected Taiwanese drug dealer shot and killed by Indonesian police

2018/03/16 21:21:20

Jakarta, March 16 (CNA) A Taiwanese man suspected of selling drugs in Indonesia died on Thursday after being shot by local police as he apparently attempted to escape from police custody.

The 36-year-old man, identified only by the surname Huang (黃), attempted to flee after officers from Indonesia's National Anti-Narcotics Agency busted a drug deal involving him and two Indonesians at a warehouse in northern Jakarta's Ancol.

The officers gave chase and after first firing a weapon into the air as a warning, one of them shot Huang in the leg, an agency official earlier told CNA, noting that the injury was not life threatening.

However, agency deputy chief Arman Depari has since made a slightly different statement, saying that Huang attempted to escape twice, once at the warehouse and later when being taken to the agency.

Huang was shot at close range when attempting to escape the second time, though it has yet to be revealed where he was shot.

He died from his wounds after receiving emergency treatment at a local hospital.

Huang was suspected of selling drugs in Indonesia, with the anti-narcotics agency noting that it had been monitoring him and the two Indonesians for about three months before deciding to arrest them.

On Thursday night, the three were arrested attempting to sell 51.4 kilograms of amphetamine.

This marks the sixth Taiwanese suspected of drug dealing who shot and killed by the Indonesian police over the past year.

(By Jay Chou and Kuan-lin Liu)