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Weather in Taiwan warms up briefly ahead of incoming cold wave

2017/12/15 10:38:20

CNA file photo

Taipei, Dec. 15 (CNA) The weather across Taiwan is forecast to be sunny with comfortable temperatures Friday before a continental cold air mass arrives over the weekend, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

As seasonal northeasterly winds weaken, daytime highs on Friday are expected to rise to 22-23 degrees Celsius in Yilan, Hualien and areas north of Taoyuan, and 24-27 degrees in the rest of Taiwan, the bureau said.

On Saturday, however, a continental air mass will move into the country, sending the mercury in northern Taiwan down to 17 degrees by noon and even lower later in the day, according to the CWB.

Strengthening northeastern winds will also bring increased moisture in northern and northeastern Taiwan, and heavy rain on the northern coast and in the mountainous areas of Taipei, New Taipei and Yilan, the bureau said.

Daytime temperatures on Sunday and Monday will remain low, ranging between 13 and 14 degrees in northern Taiwan and staying below 20 degrees in most other areas of the country, the bureau said.

The cold wave will be most severe between late Sunday and early Monday, when temperatures are likely to drop to 12-13 degrees in northern, central, and northeastern Taiwan, and 14-15 degrees in southern Taiwan as well as in Taitung and Hualien in the east, the CWB said.

A low of around 11 degrees can be expected in open areas on the western coast, the bureau said.

With several other cold waves expected to follow, the weather in northern Taiwan will likely remain chilly until next Thursday, according to the bureau.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Y.F. Low)