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No respite from continuing cold wave: CWB

2017/12/05 23:23:17

Taipei, Dec. 5 (CNA) The temperature plummeted to 14.8 degrees Celsius in Su'ao, Yilan County at 7:22 p.m. Tuesday, the lowest on record for this winter, and weathermen forecast that the weather will get even colder early the following day.

Hsu Chung-yi (徐仲毅), a Central Weather Bureau forecaster, said that the cold air mass, which brought temperatures down to 15.1 degrees in Tamsui, New Taipei early Tuesday will likely last for a while and that Taiwan will likely experience a low of 13 degrees in early Wednesday.

With moisture increasing on Thursday and another cold air mass arriving on the day after that, Hsu said high mountains such as Yushan and Hehuanshan will likely receive snowfall over the weekend.

Hehuanshan, one of Taiwan's highest mountains, saw its first snowfall of the winter early Tuesday morning after a continental cold air mass sent temperatures plunging around the country, according to the Taroko National Park Administration.

Snow, rain and sleet started falling on the 3,422-meter mountain early that morning as the mercury fell to 6 degrees below zero Celsius and blanketed it with l-centimeter of snow, the agency's Hehuanshan management station said.

(By Chen Wei-ting and S.C. Chang)