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Most immediately fatal traffic accidents in Taiwan caused by drivers

2017/11/11 17:03:34

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Taipei, Nov. 11 (CNA) An overwhelming majority of the traffic deaths that occur in Taiwan within 24 hours of an accident are caused by errors on the part of drivers, according to data released Saturday by the Ministry of the Interior.

The data showed that 94.41 percent of such accidents in the first nine months of the year were the fault of the drivers involved, while passengers or pedestrians were to blame in a 4.73 percent of the cases.

Accidents that result in death within 24 hours, Type A1 traffic accidents as they are called, usually occur because the drivers are not paying attention or following traffic rules, the ministry's data indicated.

It showed that almost half of the 997 Type A1 accidents in the first nine months of the year involved scooters, 254 involved private vehicles, and 195 involved trucks.

In total, there were 215,703 traffic accidents in the January to September period, 214,647 of which were classified as Type A2, meaning they resulted in injury, or death after 24 hours, according to the data.

The total number was 9,194 less than in the same period last year because of a decline in the number of Type A2 accidents, the report showed.

It also indicated that most traffic accidents in Taiwan usually occur during rush hour, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. and in the period 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

(By Liu Lee-jung and Kuan-lin Liu)