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NIA National Day float puts spotlight on immigrants

2017/10/09 19:06:49

Taipei, Oct. 9 (CNA) The National Immigration Agency's (NIA) float for the country's National Day parade will put immigrants front and center with a giant globe featuring the flags of South and Southeast Asian countries Taiwan cooperates with, according to an NIA statement issued Monday.

On Monday, a day before National Day celebrations, the NIA talked up its float, which features a giant globe with the flags of the 18 countries covered by Taiwan's New Southbound Policy and the 17 countries that have signed memorandums of understanding with Taiwan to fight human trafficking.

Some of the countries in the two categories overlap.

The NIA has selected five immigrants to Taiwan to serve as ambassadors on the float, including French Catholic priest Yves Nalet, who obtained Taiwanese citizenship in August, and a British aviation consultant Keith Taylor who was awarded an Alien Permanent Resident Card in July 2016.

All of them, the NIA said, are exemplary individuals of foreign descent who have contributed to Taiwan in one way or another.

The agency's 70 new immigration officers will follow the float as it makes its way with the Oct. 10 parade down Yanping South Road, Hengyang Road, and Bo'ai Road, all the way to North Gate (Beimen) square.

This year's parade will feature a total of 46 floats, which will be on display in the square at the end of the parade.

(By Liu Chien-pang and Kuan-lin Liu)