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GOLDEN HORSE: Bamboo Chen, Vicky Chen win supporting acting awards

2017/11/25 22:13:56

Bamboo Chen (陳竹昇)

Taipei, Nov. 25 (CNA) Bamboo Chen (陳竹昇) and Vicky Chen (文淇) won the best supporting acting awards at Saturday's Golden Horse Awards in Taipei.

Bamboo Chen received the award for best supporting actor for portraying a transgender woman in the movie "Alifu, the Prince/ss."

His character Sherry is the owner of a drag bar where the protagonist Alifu experiments with his gender and sexual orientation, an experience that ultimately allows the young Paiwan boy to transition to become a woman.

On playing a woman for the first time, Bamboo Chen said he had his doubts but was encouraged by a mentor to do it because "what other opportunity will an actor get to play a woman?"

The Taiwanese actor thanked on-camera and behind-the-scenes colleagues for helping him with his performance and the many mentors he had growing up doing theater.

Speaking to the press after accepting his award, Bamboo Chen said he learned the mannerisms of being a woman by taking etiquette lessons from a female model friend.

It was his first win and nomination for a Golden Horse Award. Bamboo Chen also appeared in "The Great Buddha +" and "Angels Wear White," two films that have been nominated for the best feature film award this year.

The other nominees in the best supporting actor category were Taiwanese American actor Mason Lee for "Who Killed Cock Robin," China's Lei Jiayin for "Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield," Taiwan's Leon Dai for "The Great Buddha +," and Hong Kong's Tony Leung Ka Fai for "Our Time Will Come."

Vicky Chen won the best supporting actress award for her role in "The Bold, The Corrupt, and The Beautiful."

The Taiwan-born actress who grew up in Beijing plays the docile daughter who watches as her family falls apart when a real estate deal with crooked government officials cooked up by her mother, played by veteran actress Kara Wai (惠英紅), doesn't go as planned.

The 14-year-old Chen, who became the youngest winner of the Golden Horse best supporting actress award, said she was really not expecting to win but was very grateful for the award and director Yang Ya-che (楊雅喆), the cast and crew, her family and her manager for their help and support.

She was happy that she "did not let them down."

She has also been nominated this year for the best leading actress award for her role in "Angels Wear White."

The other best supporting actress nominees were China's Wu Yanshu for "Love Education," Hong Kong's Deanie Ip for "Our Time Will Come," and Taiwan's Chen Shiang-chyi for "The Receptionist" and Hsu Wei-ning for "The Tag-Along 2."

(By Kuan-lin Liu)