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College of Planning and Design entry image showcases NCKU-industry cooperation

2012/06/14 10:00:35

Taipei, June 14 (CNA)The entry image board at the College of Planning and Design of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Tainan, designed by a student team led by Jay W. Chiu, an award-winning architect and currently serving as an NCKU Resident Architect, has been completed.

In recognition of Chiu’s dedication, NCKU President Hwung Hwung-Hweng presented a certificate of appreciation to him at an opening ceremony June 1, celebrating the completion of the image board.

Chiu talked about the design: “By extending the existing handrail and multiple the number of it, the rails turns into ‘PLAN’ and it became the background on which the calligraphy name ‘College of Planning and Design ’ is cut out by laser cuter.”

Similar to the entry image board, on the other side of the corridor the handrail is turned into a bundle of rails forming a linear 3D bench. Chiu added.” The bench is located at the gathering spot of the corridor where a series of sliding panels run paralleled along the corridor.”

NCKU under the leadership of President Hwung has maintained a close relationship with local industry, and helping students to start a career after graduation and inviting renowned businessmen to deliver inspirational speeches to the students are among the effective measures to bridge the academic and the industry.

As a Resident Architect this semester, Chiu teaches about 40 students a course called “Design and Build” and leads them to be experimental at materials and jointly realize the ideas in their minds.

“The image board is rather small in scale but significant in meaning,” said Chiu, adding that having students get involved in the whole process of the building project including design, structure and construction is definitely a good experience for students and teacher.

NCKU Architect-in-School or Resident Architect is an idea that makes NCKU the only university in Taiwan to have a renowned architect in school to help students to infuse the practical experience to what they’ve learned in class and to provide a creation platform for students and teachers of Architecture, said Tay-Sheng Jeng, Chairman of NCKU Architecture. Contact:Sonia Chuang,Tel: +886-6-275-7575 Ext. 50042,Fax: +886-6-238-9919,E-Mail: