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NCKU Morningers to set off a beautiful day by jogging

2012/05/30 11:38:35

Taipei, May 30 (CNA) About 200 students gathered to jog on Kung Fu field, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 07:00-07:50, to work out and greet the morning sun with the spirit of self-discipline.

NCKU Morningers is taking place from April 30th to June 1st 2012. Over 300 people join the first run and more people are expected at the final gathering on June 1st, according to the organizer of the activity.

Convenor Wan-Ching Liao, a junior of Department of Chemistry, has devoted a lot to organize the event and calls for more students to join the morning run, enjoying the morning bliss.

“We run at our own pace and with our own style,” said Liao adding the purpose of the event is centered on routine self-workout and the spirit of self-discipline.

The morningers’ promotion for healthy lifestyle has received great support from breakfast shops around NCKU. With the coupons gained from the participation, one coupon for each run, the student will get 5% discount to buy a set meal.

All staff of the morningers has to arrive at the field before 05:00 in the morning to get everything ready, added Liao, hoping the event will knock off negative impression about college students that they lead an unhealthy lifestyle by staying up all night playing online games and skipping breakfast.

Tsung-yi Lin, a sophomore of Department of Taiwanese Literature, whose original intention is to lose weight by joining the morning run now stick with it and has the habit of rising early, feeling good to share the joy of jogging with others.

The Morningers is inspired by the concept proclaimed by the Japanese in which a healthier lifestyle of resting and rising early is highlighted and as the southern counterpart of the 2nd Morningers hosted by National Taiwan University (NTU), NCKU Morningers is set up to gather students at Tainan to jog together in the morning. Contact:Sonia Chuang, +886-6-275-7575.