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Taiwan Medical Expertise Supports Global Health: A Case of Rebirth

2012/05/18 19:19:03

Taipei, May 18 (CNA) After returning to Vietnam, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai is blossoming with smiles, thanks to a group of people from Taiwan that have given her new perspective on life.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, a 28-year-old Vietnamese patient struck with a rare aging disease that made her look like a 70-year-old lady, came to Taiwan for medical treatment. She began showing signs of Werner syndrome at the age of ten. But lacking the financial means to obtain medical assistance, her only option was the use of local herbs available in her home village. By the time she arrived in Taiwan, she looked and walked like a 70-year-old lady. "After intensive treatment, she seems to be given a new perspective on life. It is hard to describe in words, but after seeing her transformation, all the hard work is worth it," said Mr. Walter Yeh, Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development, while attending the press conference held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Mr. Yeh led the medical team from China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, accompanied by Ms. Nguyen's brother, back to Vietnam. Mr. Yeh expressed the importance of this occasion, saying that "Taiwan medical services are synonymous with words such as "professional", "safety" and "customer-oriented". Currently, 13 hospitals in Taiwan have been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), which means our services and technology are at par with world-class level. Through this case, we are welcoming patients from around the globe to utilize Taiwan's medical services." Apart from professional clinical treatment, Taiwan boasts 100% success rate for cleft lip and palate and high success rate in infertility treatment, also joint replacement with minimal recovering time.

In addition, about 50 international medical conferences are held in Taiwan every year. MD Anderson Cancer Center (Texas, USA) is the world's top cancer hospital and in 2008, the China Medical University Hospital became the only sister hospital in Taiwan affiliated with MD Anderson. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is the world's only medical institution that has seen three of its staff awarded the Maliniac Lecturer Honor (1994, 2001, 2008). Taiwan's excellent medical services are well recognized worldwide. "In the future, Taiwan will participate actively in treating patients with rare disorders," said Mr. Yeh.

This was the first time Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai appeared in public after the treatment and everyone was attracted to her blossoming smile, a transformation that has given back her life. She is now blessed with a bright new future.

Mr. Yeh restated, "Taiwan has cutting-edge technology, high quality, reasonable prices, professional teams, patient-oriented and comprehensive service. More importantly, we are passionate in carrying out our services. In the future, no matter in Vietnam or elsewhere in the world, Taiwan is willing to offer our services to the rest of the world. TAITRA's branch in Ho Chi Minh City will become Vietnam's first facilitator. It will be assisting people from Vietnam with medical requirements. Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA will also assist patients with financial difficulties, by helping them to look for possible sponsors and pay for his/her medical expenses."

Mr. Yeh said, "Many people in Vietnam have chosen Singapore and Thailand when seeking advanced medical treatment. In fact, Taiwan has a close relationship with Vietnam. Looking at statistics, Taiwan is Vietnam's biggest foreign investor, currently more than 3,000 Taiwan companies and 40,000 Taiwanese live in Vietnam. Weekly, there are 70 direct flights between Vietnam and Taiwan. We share similar value with our Vietnamese friends and we care about them. Since Taiwan's medical services are at par with international standard, we are hoping that Taiwan can become an ideal option for people looking for overseas medical services. Although this is the first time TAITRA assisted a foreign patient with rare disorder, but certainly won't be the last. We will continue to help more people with rare diseases and bringing them to Taiwan for treatment."

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