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The Elite of Taiwan’s Fastener Industry Gather in Kaohsiung

2012/03/09 17:15:39

Taipei, March 9 (CNA)The 2012 Taiwan International Fastener Show Expands to Unprecedented Scale

The popular biennial exhibition event of Taiwan’s fastener industry, the “2012 Taiwan International Fastener Show” is set to officially kick off in Kaohsiung on March 13 and 14. This exhibition is organized by the Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The first time this exhibition was held, back in 2010, it attracted almost ten thousand professionals. This year, the size of the exhibition continues to expand, with 230 vendors occupying 416 booths. The exhibition will be held in the Kaohsiung arena and Hanshin Arena, showcasing Taiwan’s highly integrated fastener industrial chain. This is Taiwan’s only professional B2B fastener exhibition.

This year’s “Taiwan International Fastener Show” includes exhibits covering all kinds of fastener production services, fastener manufacturing, production machines and equipment, fastener tools, inspection and testing devices, and steel and raw material suppliers, etc. Well-known vendors and service providers such as San Shing Fastech Corp., Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., QST International Corp., Sheh Kai Precision Co., Ltd., Ho Hong Works Co., Fang Sheng Screw Co., Tong Hwei Enterprise Co., Min Hwei, Chun Zu Machinery, Chun Yu, Boltun, Jinn Her, Jau Yeou, New Best Wire Industrial Co., Rodex Fasteners Corp.,Lu Chu Shin Yee Works Co., Tycoons, and NAFCO will all be present at the exhibition, showcasing Taiwan’s high-quality fastener industry products and services to global buyers.

With over 60 years of development, Taiwan has a mature fastener industry and industrial chain. The fastener industry is moderately capital intensive, moderately labor intensive and highly globalized export industry. Taiwan’s fastener industry accounts for one sixth of the world’s production, with production in 2012 reaching 1.42 million tons, and production value nearing 4 billion US dollars, the highest in recent years. Taiwan’s largest fastener industrial clusters are located the Tainan and Kaohsiung areas of southern Taiwan. Just in Kaohsiung alone, there are more than 600 vendors, showing the location-importance of the Kaohsiung area in terms of industrial distribution. Holding the “Taiwan International Fastener Show” in Kaohsiung has the advantage of geographic proximity. After the 2-day exhibition, international buyers can directly go to the fastener factories in the area to view their production facilities, thereby conveniently shortening the procurement evaluation and decision process, and, extending the exhibition benefits.

90% of the fasteners produced in Taiwan are sold to foreign markets, making Taiwan one of the top five global fastener suppliers. In 2011, the top five export destination countries in order of volume were the United States, Germany, Japan, Holland, and the United Kingdom, showing that Taiwan’s fastener products are widely accepted and preferred by highly industrialized developed nations. This year’s exhibition, under the invitation and promotional efforts from the TAITRA’s overseas offices, will be visited by many heavyweight international vendors from developed countries and markets, including Germany, France, the United States, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Japan, Holland, and Italy. Companies including THEO FOERCH GMBH & CO. KG, WUERTH INDUSTRIE SERVICE GMBH & CO. KG, and BUSCH ARMATUREN SPOL.S R.O., etc., will come to Taiwan to visit the exhibition and make purchases. It is estimated to attract more than 2,000 international visitors come to the show. During the exhibition, the TAITRA will host 288 “Joint large-scale one-on-one procurement meetings for foreign vendors,” which are expected to result in a record high number of business opportunities and purchases.

To foster the development of local industries, this year’s “Taiwan International Fastener Show” has obtained strong support by the central and local governments. In addition to funding provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Foreign Trade, it has also received a wealth of local resources provided by the Kaohsiung City Government Economic Development Bureau. All of these joint efforts have come together to create a world-class professional fastener exhibition, displaying to the world Taiwan’s fastener industry’s determination to export to the rest of the world. Vendors from other relative domestic industries are welcome to exchange business cards for exhibition entry badges. For more information about the “Taiwan International Fastener Show,” please visit the website.

Contact: TAITRA Jamie Lee, +886-2-27255200