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Japanese reporters record coming-of-age ceremony in Tainan

2012/08/23 23:14:43

Taipei, Aug. 23 (CNA) A group of 13 Japanese reporters covered an annual coming-of-age ceremony for teenagers turning 16 in Tainan City in southern Taiwan Thursday, the city government said.

The reporters came from Jiji Press, the Mainichi Newspapers, Sankei Shimbun, the Hokkoku Shimbun, Daisanbunmei-sha Inc., TV Asahi Corp., Kyodo News, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., said the local government, which invited the reporters as part of efforts to promote unique celebrations in southern Taiwan city known for its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Turning-of-age ceremonies, in which teenagers crawl through under altars, have been customary in Tainan since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the city government said.

The reporters' five-day trip to Tainan will include visits to the old town, Wushantou Reservoir and Taijiang National Park, the city government said.

The group will return to Japan on Aug. 24.

(By Chang Jung-haiang and Hanna Liu)