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CNNGo lists 40 must-try Taiwanese foods

2012/06/14 14:08:36

Taipei, June 14 (CNA) A recent article published on the CNNGo online travel news website carries a list titled "40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without," which is topped by braised pork rice and beef noodles.

The author Hiufu Wong describes Taiwanese food as a mash-up of the cuisines of various Chinese communities, along with elements of Japanese cuisine.

Including many local snacks on her list, Wong said "small eats" are the big thing in Taiwan, where the philosophy is eat often and eat well.

"Every time you think you've found the best streetside bao, the most incredible stinky tofu stand or mind-blowing beef noodle soup, there's always another one that surpasses it," she said.

The following is the complete list: 1. Braised pork rice2. Beef noodles 3. Oyster omelet4. Bubble tea5. Coffin bread6. Slack season danzai noodles7. Pan-fried bun8. Gua bao (Taiwan-style hamburger)9. Iron egg 10. Pineapple cake11. Tian bu la (fish cake)12. Ba wan (pork dumpling)13. Fried chicken14. Flaky scallion pancake15. Oyster vermicelli16. Stinky tofu17. Sweet potato18. Shaved ice mountain19. Pepper cakes20. Dumplings from Din Tai Fung Dumpling House 21. Fish ball soup22. Ribs stewed in medical herbs23. Goose24. Ding bian cuo (rice flour pasta)25. Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice26. Mochi (glutinous rice balls with sweet filling)27. Lantern soy sauce braised food28. Sun cakes29. Tube rice pudding30. Taiwanese breakfast (sesame flat bread, deep-fried Chinese dough sticks and soymilk) 31. Pig's blood rice pudding32. Three-cup chicken 33. Tamsui agei34. Fen yuan (chewy dough)35. Hot-star large fried chicken 36. Anything with cuttlefish37. Aiyu jelly38. Ke le bing (croquette)39. Steamed spring roll40. Spicy hotpot

(By Y.F. Low)