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Taiwan-China film festival kicks off in Taipei

2012/06/04 11:20:14

Taipei, June 4 (CNA) The Taipei segment of a Taiwan-China film festival kicked off Sunday night with the aim of improving the appeal of Chinese films to Taiwan audiences, according to the organizers.

The festival, which will run until Wednesday in Taipei, showcases eight Chinese films and gives audiences a chance to compare filmmaking on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwanese director Lee Hsing, head of a cross-Taiwan Strait film exchange commission that organized the festival, said it seems difficult for films to make the crossover from one side of the strait to the other.

Even if screening of the films is allowed, the box office is usually poor, Lee said at the opening of the festival.

"That is why we needed a cross-strait film festival," he said.

Lee said he hopes audiences in Taiwan and China will become more familiar with films from the other side.

Meanwhile, Li Qiankuan, head of the China Film Foundation, said he will like to see more new actors and films emerging on both sides and that there will be more cross-strait interaction in this field.

The Chinese films to be screened in Taipei include the urban romantic comedy "I Do;" the romantic musical "Folk Songs Singing;" the action-packed "Kora;" the drama "My Spectacular Theatre;" the romantic comedy "The Treaty of the Double Bed;" and the dark comedy "Design of Death." " An Inaccurate Memoir," a thriller about bandits in wartime China, and a police drama "Beijing Blues" will also be screened at the festival.

Hong Kong actor Simon Yam attended the screening of the opening film "Design of Death" on Sunday night, in which he plays a doctor who was sent to a secluded village in the mountains in China to treat an infectious disease.

The festival first opened Friday in Changhua County in central Taiwan, featuring not just Chinese films but also Taiwanese productions. It is scheduled to end Monday.

Meanwhile, six Taiwanese films will be screened in Xian and Baoji cities in China's Shaanxi Province in mid-June as part of the festival.

(By Christie Chen)