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A-Mei takes her world tour to Sydney

2012/06/02 14:39:53

Sydney, June 2 (CNA) Taiwanese popular singer Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-Mei, took her "AMeiZING" world tour to Sydney, Australia on Friday, attracting more than 10,000 fans to her concert that day.

The concert was A-Mei's first in Australia after a hiatus of eight years.

A-Mei opened her show with a rousing drum performance, followed by a slew of her hits such as "Sunrise," "Give Me Feelings" and "High High High," which electrified the fans.

In front of her adoring fans, many of whom shouted "A-Mei, I love you", the star said she was excited to be back in Sydney, and expressed the hope that she does not have to wait for another eight years to sing in the city again.

During her performance, one fan even asked her out for a late night snack. A-Mei said that it was the first time that a fan had asked her out for a treat, and humorously told the fan to wait for a while by the back door.

The singer, whose many songs are favorites among KTV visitors, has been active for the past 15 years.

As she sang her classics like "Listen to the Sea," "Doing Away with Love" and "You Don't Want Anything," many fans sung along, turning the concert into a big chorus.

When she sang her last song "Three Days and Three Nights," the fans shouted "encore" for nearly 10 minutes before giving up the hope of seeing the star back on stage again.

A-Mei's next concert will be in Melbourne Sunday.

(By Chang Chi-chin and Lilian Wu)